Why The Audit Library

At The Audit Library, our deep-rooted history as Credit Union Internal Auditors sets us apart and gives us a unique perspective. We have been in your shoes and our team is focused on bringing you products and services to help you perform your job more efficiently and effectively. 

To best explain why we think you should become a subscriber to The Audit Library and/or engage us in consulting engagements, we would like to share our origin story. 

In 2014, our Co-Founder, Olivia Whipple was working as a Senior Auditor and was promoted to the Chief Audit Executive role. Overnight, she became responsible for the Internal Audit department at a Credit Union with over $1.3 billion in assets. She was quickly overwhelmed with a complete department overhaul, corporate responsibilities, and regulatory requirements (all while meeting auditing standards) because there simply weren’t enough hours in the day! Olivia looked to the market to outsource documents, such as the audit programs, charters, policies, and workpapers she was creating from scratch. Not being able to find a solution that was affordable, user-friendly, or Credit Union focused, she decided to create a solution herself. 

In 2018, she called John Kaneklides, a former colleague, and explained her idea: a website where auditors can download a workable version of every document they need, all for a reasonable price. John was excited to get on board, and The Audit Library was born!

The Audit Library remains a boutique firm. As a result, you can rest easy knowing exactly who created the materials in the Library and whom you will be working with on consulting engagements. Olivia and John are passionate about Internal Auditing and helping to elevate the profession within the Credit Union industry. 

This is the website we needed as Credit Union Internal Audit leaders. Not sure how to write Supervisory Committee minutes? Download our template! Not sure how to write an audit plan or track your time efficiently? Download our spreadsheet! Getting started on that audit you’ve been putting off for months? Download our program and get started today!

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