What our customers are saying!

Rich has been revamping the Supervisory Committee documents at America First Credit Union. Consequently, his “favorite documents have been the Supervisory Committee Charter and the Supervisory Committee Planning [tool].” 

Alex continues to add that, “From a new audit viewpoint, it provides a great foundation for you to modify the audit plans in the Audit Library to fit the needs of your Credit Union.  From an established audit viewpoint, the audit plans provide an additional perspective that you may not have considered otherwise… the attentiveness and dedication that is built into each document makes their library a great resource for just about any type of review.” Lately, Alex has found that, “the Dormant Accounts & Unclaimed Property Audit Program has been a true asset.”

Jason’s favorite document in The Audit Library is the “Request For Proposal” (RFP) template. He finds it “tremendously valuable” as it saved him time and gave him “certainty in addressing the questions of [his] new Audit Committee.” Additionally, the firms he sent his RFP to were extremely impressed and, “one even mentioned that it was the best RFPs they had seen.”

Tina’s favorite document in The Audit Library is always whichever document she is using at the moment and she gets “so excited” when she finds what she is looking for in the Library. When she put a request in for a document she couldn’t find in the Library, she wasn’t quite sure when or if she would hear back but says, “…very quickly I recieved an email that ‘Skip-A-Payment’ was [now] included in The Audit Library. I have to say I was a bit shocked at this.”  

This career Internal Auditor continued to say, “The Library’s documents can also help you ‘cross-check’ some of your own templates and documents to consider things you may not have thought of. …the Fair Lending Compliance audit program will be my best friend… This seemed like a mammoth to me. The Library’s program is concise and will help keep me on track.”

When we asked Dean why he would recommend The Audit Library to other auditors, he stressed that, “we sometimes think we have all the audit programs and templates we need, then we talk to our peers and discover there may be areas we miss or things [we could do] better.” That is where The Audit Library is a big help! Dean’s extensive experience as an Internal Auditor drew him to many of the templates and spreadsheets in The Audit Library. He says, “The business and consumer loan review templates were a time saver… [and] the spreadsheets have been a huge help.”