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Why The Audit Library

As an Internal Auditor, you spend a lot of your time researching and creating audit programs and workpapers. With laws, regulations, and best practices constantly evolving, it often feels difficult to keep track of it all. Let The Audit Library help you streamline your audit process, gain respect, and take your department to the next level. An annual subscription starts at just $399!

Our team of Certified Internal Auditors has painstakingly created a collection of documents, tools, and templates to make it easy for you to complete your next project in less time and with confidence. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching and creating the documents you need so you can focus on what matters to you and your company the most!

Tired of audit document resources that are lackluster and rarely updated? Don’t worry; The Audit Library’s got you covered! We guarantee that each document in the Library is reviewed and updated at least once every year. That way we can ensure the Library stays current in our ever-changing world and meets your evolving needs.

We’ve got even more good news! We are constantly expanding the Library! So, if you search the Library and can’t find a document you are looking for, contact us. Once we gather some information from you and determine if it’s the right fit, we will research and create the document and place it in the Library for all our subscribers to use!

How The Audit Library works!

The process is simple!

  • Choose your subscription level, for as low as $399 annually. With three plans (Basic, Team, or Pro), we have options to fit your needs!
  • Complete the simple and secure checkout process
  • Log in and start downloading documents you need immediately!
  • Take a few minutes, and use our simple and easy-to-follow prompts to customize each document for your organization!

Need an audit program for your Collections, Consumer Lending, or Human Resources department? Download our template! Want help performing risk surveys and creating your audit risk assessment? Download our survey template and risk spreadsheet, and follow our clear instructions! Struggling to get started on that branch audit overhaul you’ve been putting off? Download our suite of branch audit documents, and hit the ground running with confidence!

Our History

In 2014, The Audit Library’s Co-Founder, Olivia Whipple was working as a Senior Auditor at a Credit Union with over $1.3 billion in assets and was promoted to the Chief Audit Executive role. Despite her experience as a CIA, a former Audit Senior at a CPA firm, and over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, she was overwhelmed with tasks and expected to “make do” with limited resources. It seemed like there were never enough hours in the day to keep up with her corporate responsibilities, managerial duties, and regulatory requirements, all while meeting auditing standards.

So, Olivia searched for a way to outsource documents, such as the audit programs, charters, policies, and workpapers that she was spending a large amount of time creating from scratch. Unable to find a solution that was affordable, user-friendly, industry-focused, reliable, or regularly updated, she decided to create a solution that could benefit Internal Auditors everywhere. 

In 2018, she called John Kaneklides, a former Internal Audit colleague, and explained her idea: a website where auditors can download an easily customizable version of every document they need, all for a reasonable price. He was excited to work with Olivia again and bring his own expertise to help create an invaluable resource for Internal Auditors. And thus, The Audit Library was born!

To this day, The Audit Library remains a boutique firm. As a result, you can rest easy knowing exactly who created the materials in the Library and whom you will be working with on consulting engagements. Olivia and John are passionate about Internal Auditing and helping elevate the profession within the financial services industry. 

This is the website they needed as Internal Audit leaders and now they are excited to share it with you!

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