Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The Audit Library is a subscription service that provides access to a collection of document templates and other digital tools for Internal Auditors.  Our most popular templates are audit programs, but The Audit Library provides much more!  Subscribers have access to a growing collection of workpaper templates, analysis tools, audit policies and procedures, charters, quality control templates, example job descriptions, confirmation letters, etc. Each document is reviewed and updated annually, at a minimum.

The Audit Library offers three price levels, each with different features to meet your needs. The Basic plan is only $399 per year and allows one user full access to the Library; ideal for auditors working solo. Our Team plan is $999 per year, and provides unlimited users at an organization full Library access. This plan is ideal for audit departments with multiple auditors. Finally, our Pro plan is $1,599 per year. This plan offers Library access for unlimited users in an organization, as well as five hours of consulting and advisory services from our team of experts. Contact us if you need help determining which plan is right for you!

When you subscribe to The Audit Library, you gain immediate access to everything we offer for one full year.  Your subscription will auto-renew on your anniversary date. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

The Pro plan includes a membership that anyone at your organization can use and 5 hours of consulting and advisory services. Just like our Consulting services, this plan is only for Credit Unions. You may need advice dealing with a regulatory issue, a difficult audit, help customizing or writing a document, or you may have us call into a Supervisory Committee meeting to assist you. What we help you with is really up to you! If you need additional consulting time, it will be billed at our normal rate. Your five hours included in this plan may also be applied to one of our consulting engagements. You can read more about all the consulting services we offer here.
Yes, absolutely! You may upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you want to upgrade (i.e. from Basic to Team), the amount you paid will be credited towards your upgrade and the remainder of your plan year will be prorated and charged to your payment on file. On the anniversary date, you will renew at the current (upgraded) level. If you downgrade (i.e. from Team to Basic) you will be billed at the lower rate on your anniversary date.

We accept all major credit cards. Please contact us directly for alternative payment methods, if needed.

All documents were created by our team of career Internal Auditors with CIA certification. You can read more about our team here.

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1: Quality. We are business writers, in addition to audit experts. Each document has been professionally written and edited. We obsess over every detail so you don’t have to. You will also know who created the documents, and what our qualifications are.  You can read about our team here. Once you use a document from the Library, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

2: Relevance. In order to keep up with changing laws, regulations, business practices, etc., each document is reviewed yearly, at a minimum. The Library has a column labeled “Last Updated.”  This is the date that a document was added, or the most recent review date. 

3: Editability. All of our documents are either Word or Excel. No more paper or PDFs, because even the best documents need to be edited and changed at some point.

The Audit Library provides a value not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Yes! Please visit the free section of the Library to download PDF samples of some of our most popular documents.  Now imagine having access to all of those documents, and many more like them, in Word and Excel. We are confident you will see the value of this service and become a subscriber!
The Audit Library is a subscription-based business. We do not offer individual documents for purchase. However, we do offer custom document preparation through our consulting services; click here to inquire.
First of all, The Audit Library is for everyone! Regardless of industry, The Audit Library provides superior value. All documents are clearly labeled in the “Industry” column within the Library. We have a background in Credit Unions, and many Credit Union subscribers, and this has yielded a lot of specific content.
No. The documents were created by auditors, based on our experience, interpretation, and understanding. When you subscribe to The Audit Library, you acknowledge, via our Terms & Conditions, that the documents and templates are not meant to provide legal exculpation. If they were, they would be a lot harder to read! If you are lucky enough to have in-house counsel or access to legal resources, we encourage you to share the documents you plan to use, and to make any edits they recommend for the specific needs of your company.
Yes, absolutely! All of our documents are designed to be readable and accessible. Whether you are brand new to the industry, or a seasoned professional with many years of experience, The Audit Library will help you be effective in your role. New auditors are often expected to bring fresh ideas and perspectives. In addition to utilizing the tools provided by a subscription to The Audit Library, we encourage auditors to follow The Audit Library Blog. Read our perspectives on the industry, learn tips that can help your career progress, and contribute to your team right out of the gate!

Yes!  Experienced auditors typically have many pressing concerns, but limited time and resources to handle it all.  Download our version of a document you need, and spend a fraction of the preparation time making company-specific edits.  Then tackle something else on your to-do pile.  Time is an auditor’s most precious resource, and the further you are in your career, the less of it you have to waste!

We strive to earn your continued business, so we regularly update our documents and create new ones. We spend our time keeping up with industry changes, brainstorming new content, and gathering feedback from our subscribers to improve.  Each document will be reviewed annually, at a minimum, and updated as needed. Think of our offerings at any given time as a snapshot.  A week, a month, or a year from now, the website will have new and improved items on the menu. Updates and new documents will also be implemented based on requests and feedback, which we encourage you to leave here.
Request it by contacting us here. The documents available now are our best guess of what the subscribers need. If a request falls within the scope of the Library, we will happily create it.

We offer custom document preparation through our consulting services. You can learn more here and request a proposal here.

Policies and procedures, other than those directly owned by Internal Audit departments, will not be available through our subscription.  The Audit Library is for auditors, not management, the proper owner of company policies.  You can read our thoughts on policy ownership here.
We estimate at least 5 minutes, but not more than an hour, of editing is needed per document. Every document will require some editing, even if that just means adding your company name and logo.  For lengthy or complex documents, more significant edits might be necessary. Examples include sections added or removed, company-specific wording, titles changed to reflect your organizational chart, etc.
We respectfully ask that our subscribers not share the documents with others outside of their company. We are a small business, and our goal is to provide a needed service to Internal Auditors at a reasonable price. This is only sustainable if everyone using the service is paying their fair share. Additionally, we need all users to accept our Terms & Conditions.  We believe that this question comes out of a desire to help your fellow auditors. If you think a peer would benefit from The Audit Library, please tell them about the service and encourage them to download our free templates. Hopefully, they will see the value and become a subscriber, allowing us to continue and help even more auditors!