Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The Audit Library is a subscription service that provides access to a collection of document templates and other digital tools for Internal Auditors at community banks and credit unions. Our most popular templates are audit programs. Subscribers also have access to a growing collection of workpaper templates, analysis tools, audit policies and procedures, charters, quality control templates, example job descriptions, confirmation letters, and more!

Pricing is based on the asset size of your institution. The subscription fee for institutions up to $1 billion in assets is $399 per year. The subscription fee for institutions $1 – $3 billion in assets is $799 per year. The subscription fee for institutions $3 – $5 billion in assets is $1,099 per year.

We ask that institutions greater than $5 billion in assets contact us for pricing.

When you subscribe to The Audit Library, you and your team gain access to our full Library of internal audit documents, accessed with a shared username and password. Subscribers also have access to subscribers-only blog posts and quarterly internal audit training events for one year.

One week before your renewal anniversary, a renewal notice will be sent to the email address on file. Your subscription will renew automatically on your anniversary date, unless the account is cancelled.

We accept all major credit cards. 

All documents in the Library were created by our team of career auditors with CIA certification. You can read more about our team here.

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The Audit Library provides value not available elsewhere in the marketplace. You can read the testimonials of some of our satisfied subscribers here.

Yes! Please visit the free section of the Library to download PDF samples of some of our most popular documents.  Now imagine having access to all of those documents, and many more like them, in Word and Excel. We are confident you will see the value of this service and become a subscriber!

We do not offer individual documents for purchase.

No. The documents were created by auditors, for auditors. When you subscribe to The Audit Library, you acknowledge, via our Terms & Conditions, that the documents and templates are not meant to provide legal exculpation.

The Audit Library is an invaluable resource for internal auditors at community banks and credit unions. Every document in the Library is reviewed annually, and updated as needed. We also work hard to create new content, based on the feedback of our subscribers.

We will not be offering policies, procedures, charters, and other governing documents for any department other than Internal Audit. You can read about our thoughts on policy ownership here for more context.

We estimate at least 5 minutes, but not more than an hour, of editing is needed per document. Every document will require some editing, even if that just means adding your company name and logo.  For lengthy or complex documents, more significant edits might be necessary. Examples include sections added or removed, company-specific wording, titles changed to reflect your organizational chart, etc.

Respectfully, no. Sharing content from The Audit Library outside of your organization violates our Terms & Conditions. We are a small business, and our mission to provide quality resources at reasonable prices is only possible if everyone using the service is paying their fair share.

We believe this question comes from a desire to help your fellow auditors. If you think a peer would benefit from a subscription, please tell them about us and encourage them to check out our free templates.